Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Amazing Giant Air Planes In The World

best-offer4u - There are many air planes which have been served us in the world. For instance, Air bus 380, Boeing 747 which are the giant passenger plans throughout the world. Recently, it may be just only two companies that have taken a lead in producing and selling the air plane, that is, Airbus and Boeing. The Airbus just set in the new giant plane airbus 380 which might charge about 800 passengers and Boeing introduced new slight plane; Dreamliner 787. This plane consumes less fuel and weights slight compared with other planes in the world. Besides passenger air plane, Russian cargo plane is a giant plane in the world. It it noticed that there is no giant cargo plane which may be not any plane compared with such plane. This is Antonov An-225 Mriya. In future, it may have new version of air plane that consumes less fuel and slight, and sometimes it may consume hydrogen and other fuels with non-source from petroleum. Please ladies and gentlemen view and comment some air planes including giant passenger planes, cargo planes and US air force cargo plane. Boeing 787 Dreamliner lands in Sydney 01Dreamliner 787 landingSource: Jetstar Airways Airbus A350 XWB 02Airbus A350 XWBSource: Joao Carlos Medau Pan Am Boeing 747-121 03Pan Am Boeing 747-121Source: Aero Icarus World Airways Boeing 747-4H6 04World Airways Boeing 747Source: BriYYZ N103WA Douglas DC-10-30 World Airways 05N103WA Douglas DC-10-30 World AirwaysSource: Paul Nelhams Trans World Airlines (TWA) Boeing 747-100 06Trans World Airlines (TWA) Boeing 747-100Source: Dean Morley Greece-0015 07Greece-0015Source: Dannis Jarvis World Airways Cargo Boeing 747-400F 08Boeing 747-400FSource: Aero Icarus TWA Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1 09TWA Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1Source: Aero Icarus WestJet C-GWSZ Disney World JTPI 9598 10WestJet C-GWSZ Disney World JTPI 9598Source: JTOcchialini World Air MD-11 Freighter leaving ANC 11World Air MD-11 Freighter leaving ANCSource: Frank Kovalchek Global Supply Systems 12World Airways Cargo Boeing 747-400FSource: Aero Icarus Team Travis conducts a mass launch of 12 mobility aircraft June 29, 2012 13elephant walkSource: Robert Couse-Baker World and European F2 & F4 Championships at RiddarfjÀrden Stockholm June 2012 14IMG_4475-XSource: Bengt Nyman Antonov An-225 Mriya in Riga 15Antonov An-225 MriyaSource: Helmuts Guigo USA - Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster III 16USA - Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster IIISource: Aleksander Markin KOREAN AIR Boeing 747-3B5 17KOREAN AIR Boeing 747-3B5Source: contrl Korean Air Airbus A330-323 HL7585 18Korean Air Airbus A330-323 HL7585Source: Aleksander Markin B777-228 ER, AIR FRANCE, CDG 19B777-228 ERSource: ERIC SALARD Air France A380 departing LAX 20Air France A380Source: Ron Reirling Airbus A380 taxiing around after touchdown 21DSCN0499-Airbus A380Source: Loe Loong

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