Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Amazing World Historical Leaders Illustrated As Hipsters

best-offer4u - This is very amazing images done by Amit Shimoni. Amit Shimoni tried to show the world top leaders via his illustrated images throughout the world. That is, the first image is John F. John F. Kennedy who was assassinated in decades of 60s. He was shot by gunman snipper in Texas State. Look at the last image, it is President of Republic Population of China; he was hardliner of communist ideology. However, he could maintain China to unify until now. Besides this, Mahatma Gandhi was the great Indian non-violated activist who tried to liberate India from British colonist without one bullet. He was recognized not only in India, but also in the worldwide. A great historic hero of South Africa is no none besides Nelson Mandela. He stood up and mobilized all African people against apartheid regime till become victory. Indeed, there are still some images which have been not mentioned and so please ladies and gentlemen view and provide a comment as following images. More reading 01John F Kennedy 02Mahatma Gandhi 03Che Guevara Source: Amit Shimoni 04Vladimir Lenin 05Nelson Mandela 06Abraham Lincoln Source: Amit Shimoni 07Margaret Thatcher 08Winston Churchill 09Mao Zedong Source: Amit Shimoni

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